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Attention: Modesty is not about your distracting shoulders!

In high school I could have sworn my shoulders, bra straps, knees and thighs were going to be the death of my male peers’ future.

I was already the type of girl to avoid the limelight, so the slight possibility of over sexualized male attention 😳 was usually enough reason for me to wear my grandma’s hand me down mom shorts, no questions asked!

Plus my dad’s 3 fingers from the knee rule was good motivation too! 😆

However for many other high school girls, the unlikely possibility that Samuel was drooling at the sight of her shoulders instead of properly memorizing the periodic table of elements was not good motivation to acquire a modest wardrobe.

Hmm 🤔 I wonder why?

Boy laughing at girl in class
Pay attention you’ll need this as an adult!

True modesty is about honoring God

The problem is that they left out all the real reasons that make modesty so important. Modesty isn’t even simply about how you dress and it is certainly a virtuous practice for men as well!

True modesty is about honoring God, we honor Him when we cherish the dignity given to us by Him. We honor that given dignity when we dress in a fashion that forces people to see us in a way that glorifies God rather than ourselves or our possessions.

Samuel is not likely to be distracted from schoolwork by simple shoulders, but anyone can be distracted from pursuing a virtuous life if we are placing our value and worth in temporal parts of who we are rather than the value we have already been given by God.

Besides how can we expect anyone to truly know us if we never let them see us for who we really are, without the veneer?

We can’t let the world make us believe that our value comes from our bodies, our accomplishments, or our possessions. Our value comes from God, and we should ask Him what makes us worthwhile at all times, then place our faith in who He says we are and who He is calling us to be.

We are His and we are called to be His Saints!

The Lord Bless You and Keep You!

- Vee

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