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Owning our Identity as Future Saints  by the Grace of God

I once heard that “For some, You, a Christian, may be the only Bible that they’ll ever read”. 

As a stay at home Momma of two beautiful littles, I wanted to find a way to be an active participant in evangelization while also having the flexibility to continue to be present in the home for my children. Thus Made By Vee was born! 

My love for Christ grows when I study His life and His word, which then inspires me to create expressive designs that I hope might become a provocation for others to ask questions about our faith in Him! 

Christ gave us so many beautiful signs and parables through His word, His life, and His church and many examples through the lives of the saints that can move our hearts toward grace and restore our souls. I strive to take these gifts from God and create items that echo His love and ignite passion for Christ in others. 

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations...” - Matthew 28:19

Veronica Gualandri 
Creator of Future Saint MBV
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