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Afghan Relief Project

How many times have you thought, "why does God let bad things happen"? How often have you felt that there wasn't much you could do? 

The current events in Afghanistan have left the question "what can I do?" tattooed on my heart.

In Matthew 25:14

Jesus told a story of three men who were given talents by their master and when the master had returned from his endeavors he collected them again. I was shocked by what he said to the One servant who only Buried the talents to give back to his master rather than invest them like the others had.

The master scolded him greatly and cast him out for cowardice and sloth

See the servant had let fear and discouragement get in the way of the gift he had been entrusted with by his master.

We have all been given different "talents" or "gifts" to serve God.

This is my refusal to bury mine.


Together we can do something to help the Afghan people in this time of crisis.

With your help, we can spread awareness to raise up powerful prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ

and provide financial relief for displaced families fleeing dangerous territories now captured by the Taliban.

International Rescue Committee

Don't want a Tee?

You can donate directly to the IRC by clicking the link below!

Spread Awareness

With the purchase of the Afghan Relief Project Tee you can help spread awareness of the necessity for prayers for God's grace for Afghan people and His will to be done.


Additionally all profits, roughly 50% of price, will be given to the international rescue committee to provide relief for refugees and displaced families in Afghanistan.

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